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Plant oil tips

Date:3/29/2014 09:38:15

1, avoid the overflow pot

Cook soup, soup is easy to overflow, if the use of edible vegetable oil in the pot mouth brush 6 cm wide circle, after such treatment the soup will not overflow the cooker, cook Rice porridge can also copy this treatment, avoid overflow.

2, anti sticking pan

Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil in the cooking water, rice will not stick together, don't stick to the bottom.

3, anti meat stuffing metamorphism

Meat stuffing as momentary exhaustless, which can be served in a bowl, smooth surface, and then cast a layer of cooked oil, can be isolated from the air, storage of non perishable.

4, boiled chestnuts easy peeling

Boiled millet plus a few spoonfuls of oil, cooked it is easy to peel the shell.

5, let the snail, clam spit net soil

Snails, clams fresh, before eating, to make the net spit mud and then cooked in the breeding snails, mussels, clean water, add a few drops of vegetable oil two or three days later, snails, mussels can spit net soil.

6, wooden cutting board

150 - 250 grams of vegetable oil into the pot, the fire after boiling oil, and then put the board flat on the bowl, with a spoon into the hot oil slowly on the board, oil, until the oil until the drop, the chopping board. Such treatment will not split wood chopping board, it is not easy to change color.

7, pull the wood screw

Wood screw rusty often can't pull out, just a few drops of vegetable oil in the nail head, let the oil seeps into the wood, pull up very smoothly.

8, in addition to plating furniture rust

If the plating furniture rust, vegetable oil wipe available cotton dipped in, must not use a hard object derusting.

9, treatment of stainless steel tableware

Stainless steel tableware before use, to the surface coated with a thin layer of vegetable oil, and dried on the fire. Such use is easy to clean, and can prolong the service life.

10, in addition to the ear mites

The ear flew into the insect, often in the ear a few drops of vegetable oil, can make the bugs suffocated, and then stick out stick with cotton.

11, reduce the burn and scald

On second degree burn, can add a small amount of Borneol in vegetable oil, and then painted on the burn site, with swelling, prevent skin wrinkling, reduce the formation of blisters and liquid exudation.

12, kitchen knife antirust

After each knife wipe clean, and then coated with a layer of vegetable oil to rust

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