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DHA is good for infants in multiple ways

Date:3/29/2014 06:27:49

Chief expert adviser from the authoritative parenting magazine in the US, and professor of clinical pediatrics at the Irvine School of Medicine of California State University, Dr. William Sears, has been engaged in the research of DHA for more than 10 years. He suggested that pregnant women and children should pay special attention to taking in this smart fat essential to the brain. “I call DHA the “smart fat” because 60% of the brain is constituted with fat”, and the paramount importance fat in the brain is DHA. DHA for the brain is just as important as calcium for bones. Such importance is particularly notable in infancy and early childhood. There are three periods in which the brain grows the fastest: the first is the late period of pregnancy, which is the last three months of pregnancy; it is the fastest growth period of the brain, and the second period is in the first two years after birth, during which the brain will triples in size; when the child grows up to the age of five, the brain will reach 90% that of the adult; therefore, during the period from pregnancy to five years old, it is very, very important to provide them with timely and adequate DHA!



Moreover, studies also found that DHA also has remarkable contributions in terms of providing nutrition to retina, protecting heart health, and enhancing immunity, which is very important for the children. Fish is the DHA-rich food, and the DHA is mainly concentrated in the head and the orbital position of fish; in obtaining valuable DHA through eating fish, we must also be alert to the problem of heavy metal pollution of fish, such as mercury and polyamines biphenyls; if these substances are accumulated in the body, it is difficult to get rid of them, which will produce lasting damages to the body. Thankfully, nature has also given us healthier, high-quality, and purer source of DHA; that is, flaxseed and perilla seeds. These two types of natural plant seeds growing in Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other boreal regions are rich in the source of DHA - alpha linolenic acid (Omega-3), which is purer than the DHA of animal origin, and has higher absorption and utilization rates.

Supplementing DHA by taking in Omega-3 fatty acid from cold-pressed flaxseed oil is more efficient and has better effects. If DHA is taken in directly, a part of it can be lost in the course from the entering the mouth to reaching the small intestine, whereas the DHA source - alpha linolenic acid can produce DHA only through one-time decomposition. Such formal structure serves to protect of DHA to some extent, reducing the loss and improving the absorption rate.

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