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        Choose healthy oils for your family

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        Edible oil is one of the essential ingredients on the dinner table of a family. Take in an adequate amount of edible oil, can enhance the constitutions of your family. However, the oil market now sees serious adulteration and the selling of inferior oils as quality ones; some unscrupulous traders even sell “swill oil”. For the sake of the health of our families, how should we choose edible oil?

        The edible oils we eat daily are mostly vegetable oils, including corn oil, peanut oil, olive oil, camellia oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, and so on. In buying edible oils, we can select them in the following way:

        Examine the color: Generally speaking, the higher the level of refining, the lighter the color of the vegetable oil is. However, as the raw materials are different, each type of vegetable oil may have its own specific color.

        Examine the transparency: pure vegetable oils appear transparent, so when buying edible oil, be sure to choose the clear transparent oil, and the higher the transparency, the better the quality is.

        Smell it: drop one or two drops of the oil in your palm, rub it with both hands and then smell it carefully; if it does not have any strange odor (bad or irritating smell), you can buy it.

        Taste it: take a drop of oil with chopsticks, and taste it carefully. If the oil tastes slightly sour or has any other strange odors, do not buy it.

        Listen to it: take one or two drops of oil from the bottom of the oil layers, and apply it on a piece of flammable paper; if the burning is not normal, and gives off a “creaking” sound, it indicates excessive moisture in the oil, which is a substandard product; if it gives off a “cracking” sound during burning, it indicates that the oil may have impurities.

        Health Tips

        Improper storage can easily cause deterioration and volatilization of the oil. Then, how to store vegetable oils? Edible vegetable oils are sensitive to direct light, air, heat, and water. Therefore, be sure to protect store them in a sealed, cold, and waterproof place away from direct sunlight.

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